Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring time model mayhem!

Ahhh, the sweet smell of spring has come to the town of Rockford and it's time to get out and shoot!

I've locked myself away in the studio for the last 4 months shooting model photography and learned a lot while having a great time. You've seen my new toys I've built as well as watching my photography skills get honed. I'm not much of an indoor person the outdoors is where I belong so any opportunity I have to shoot outdoors I will take it. With that in mind I've been shooting as much outside as possible and have had some wonderful success from all the things I learned in the studio.

Here are a few examples of that success I was blabbing about:

Thats just a taste of what I've started shooting. I went out yesterday and had the time of my life shooting with my new favorite model Anna Wang. This girl is amazing and such a character... oh gosh. She is definitely the one person I've probably had the most fun shooting and it had nothing to do with the great pictures that came from the shoot, but the fact that she is just so much fun to be with. The poor girl woke up super early to get to Rockford and was still an enjoyable person. I think we honestly shot for 4 hours non-stop and talked the entire time.

A little background on Anna is in order. She is a singer/songwriter from Madison, WI that has the looks and the voice people. When I first found her on a modeling website she had a link to her music and OMG is she good. Just a stunning voice from such a young girl is amazing. I even had my own personal show at my house while we picked out the good images from the shoot together. If you want to hear her music you have to check out her site at because it's totally worth it. From what I hear she is working on a CD and I'll be one of the first people to get one (I better get one right away Anna, or else) and I'll put up a small review when I get the chance to.

I had originally planned to shoot indoors in the studio with Anna, but the weather outside was too perfect to pass up. On such a beautiful day you can't pass up getting out there in the field and snapping off 400 pictures! We traveled to three locations and got pretty dirty in the process, but it was well worth it folks.

I'm already planning on shooting with Anna again real soon because it's so much more worth shooting with someone you can have fun with then someone who is a drip and you get bored in 10 minutes. The next shoot will most likely be along the lines of my more typical style of shooting at night and lighting it up real cool-like, but we will see. Anna seems pretty much down with anything and as long as I find something for her to climb she is happy so I guess it's time to drive around town looking for those special locations.

I'd like to thank Anna for her time and effort as well her her stunning personality. It's tough to find people like Anna and anytime you get to spend with someone so happy and joyful is worth every second. You just feel so much better as a human when the people around you are happy so if you ever get the chance surround yourself with happy people because it's good for your health. I'm so excited for the next shoot that I may actually have things figured out way ahead of time. How crazy is that folks?

Well, back to business, but I'll leave you with a few more pictures to look at from my shoot with Anna and if you want to see more of her modeling work check out her site at Model Mayhem and also on my website at Photography 2.0 .