Sunday, December 9, 2007

How-to: Bar and Nightclub tips and tricks

Well, I spent 5 years of my life shooting in bars and nightclubs and I want to share my tips with you.

I'm diggin this whole online video age so I'll start off with the two part series of video (went over that 10 minute max) and I'll show you some of the results.

Part One:

Part Two:

Some of the results:
16mm; f4.0; 1/40; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/10; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/10; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/8; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/5; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/5; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/6; ISO 200

16mm; f4.0; 1/4; ISO 200

Well I really hope you enjoyed the videos and the list of images. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them!


Giedrius Blazys said...

Great photos and video commentary. It's a nice wireless setup you are having there, I am thinking getting the same thing.

Jaromir said...

Good tips and interesting videos. I would rather prefer to have flash on camera and bounce it in different directions, but your setup gives you more freedom for sure... I'm wondering why you open front (or back) flap in the Whale Tail - I found that it gives really harsh light and I don't like it in most cases... Could you tell me what is the advantage of using radio triggers instead of original wireless flash? I'm getting rather good results using camera in M mode and 540 in wireless P-TTL on rear curtain slow sync...

Jared said...

Hmmm, have you tried triggering it with the on camera flash? On the one hand it would free up the hot shoe for you to put the 540 on there if you feel like it, but it may also make the subject blink.

Codiac2600 said...

Thank you for the comments!

The reason I open up the door on the whaletail is to get a little boost of light and it's not that harsh IMO, as you can see from the pictures I've posted. It also allows the light to travel farther and more directly so I can isolate the subject a bit better.

The radio triggers save your cameras battery life for one and I need my set to last 8 hours sometimes and it's just easier to push the wireless triggers. It also provides a little better range and I can do cool effects like placing the flash inside of things like speakers, boxes, behind the bar and the built-in wireless isn't as flexible, but is an option. Lastly, the Pentax built-in even set to commander only still puts a little light onto the subject in the form of a second catch light which I'm not fond of.

Russ said...

Wow, this is great Chris! Excellent information and well presented. I like the videos on using your flash in a bar. I need to try some of those.

Mike said...

Great tips, reall enjoyed the wireless setup and technique. said...

Greatttt stuff!!!!

Thank you for sharing. I've learned alot from you.

Daniel.d.Lee said...

Love your photos and the plain real world advice tips. Very down to earth and practical. Got here from and saw a post you left in there. Looked at the rest of your blog and saw that all the picture links were broken for some reason :-(

Keep up the good work though!